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13.       If a relative died in one of the wars, there is a very good chance they will be recorded at the Commonwealth Graves Commission website, for example,,%20JOSEPH

14.       Further Irish records may be found at the British but this is a pay site, so try to find other avenues before searching here. There are some free records, so it is worth having a nose around. For example, the Coast Guard service records are freely downloadable from the site. You can also search  for Coast Guard records. Or and

15.       If you are based in Dublin, you will before familiar with and They have a lot of records available on microfiche, including Royal Irish Constabulary records & Wills, and access is free. They also have resident genealogists who can give you pointers, on a first come, first served basis       

16.       Forums. Don’t be afraid to google for forums covering your subject or area. There are lots of useful forums such as and where people are more than happy to help you.

17.       Cork City Archives are often an excellent resource and are free to the public

18.       Dublin City Archives :

19.       Graves online. Volunteers are putting information from graveyards online, which is increasing all the time or